Dolby PRM-4200 Reference Monitor Rental

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor is the first monitor capable of displaying the full dynamic range, high contrast ratio, and wide color gamut that today’s leading-edge digital cameras and film stocks can deliver and what tomorrow’s digital imaging technologies will bring. It’s the perfect choice for working with the latest digital cameras and color-correction systems.

No other monitor portrays your creative vision more accurately. Support for 3D LUTs allows it to be calibrated to perfectly match digital screening environments and to emulate the response of film-print stocks during the digital intermediate color correction process. On the set, the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor displays color looks and previsualization with 1D and 3D LUTs.

Flexible & Cost-Effective

By emulating virtually any other display device, the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor replaces an entire collection of costly monitors that may currently be used for color correction, mastering, and quality control.

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor takes flexibility one step farther with support for DCI P3, all high-definition formats over HD-SDI, and 2K video content. And because it can approximate the full gamut of film, it even makes DCI P3 color grading possible without using a digital projector. Resolution to Spare

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor goes beyond 10 bits, with support for emerging 12-bit formats.

Features Include

  • 42-inch (diagonal) LCD flat-panel display
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Spacious wide 90-degree viewing angle

The backlight consists of 1,500 RGB LED triads, with each R, G, and B light element independently controlled, frame by frame, to create a full-color backlit image. Combined, the LED backlight and LCD screen produce a final image with true blacks, exceptional dark detail, high dynamic range, and the widest, most accurate color gamut available in a flat-panel monitor.

Detailed Specifications

Digital Video Inputs

  • Two input connectors
  • Support for 1.5G and 3G SDI
  • Single and dual link

Digital Video Interfaces

  • SMPTE 295M
  • SMPTE 294M
  • SMPTE 292M
  • SMPTE 372M
  • SMPTE 424M
  • SMPTE 425M

Video Scanning Formats

  • ITU-R BT.601
  • SMPTE 293M
  • ITU-R BT.1358
  • SMPTE 274M
  • SMPTE RP211

Video Outputs

  • Two output connectors
  • Support for 1.5G and 3G SDI
  • Single and dual link

Audio Sync Output

  • 75Ω BNC
  • Active high TTL-level output

LCD Panel

  • Size: 1,067mm diagonal(42 inches diagonal)
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • PDP Viewing Angle: 90° horizonal
  • Maximum Luminance:
  • CRT Reference Mode: 100 cd/m²
  • Dynamic Reference Mode: 600 cd/m²


  • Rec. 709
  • EBU
  • P3
  • Custom

Operation Modes

  • CRT Reference
  • DYN Reference
  • LCD Emulation
  • PDP Emulation
  • Custom 1 Emulation
  • Custom 2 Emulation

White Point

  • D54
  • D65
  • D93
  • Digital Cinema
  • Custom


  • 2.2
  • 2.4
  • 2.6
  • Custom

Power Consumption

  • 1,000 VA maximun

Line Voltage Compatibility

  • 85–260 VAC
  • 50–60 Hz

Operating Temperature

  • 0°C–35°C
  • Optimum: 20°C ±5°C

Storage Temperature

  • –20°C to 70°C


  • 30%–90% relative humidity, noncondensing

Main Body Dimensions

  • 991 x 660 x 381 mm (39 x 26 x 15 inches)

Remote Controller Dimensions

  • 2-U rackmount or tabletop use


  • 68 kg (150 lb)